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24 Sep 2018 8:30 AM • Atlantic School of Theology, 660 Francklyn Street, Halifax, NS
13 Nov 2018 • Atlantic School of Theology, 660 Francklyn Street, Halifax, NS
01 Apr 2019 • Atlantic School of Theology, 660 Francklyn Street, Halifax, NS


Took place at SMU in Halifax on June 9.

The new Executive are:


Wendy Scott, C. Med., B.Is.

Fredericton, New Brunswick


Ron Pizzo, Q. Med. B.Ec., LL.B.

Halifax, Nova Scotia


David Penney

Halifax NS


Danie Roy, LL M (ADR)

Moncton, NB

ADR Atlantic Board of Directors:

Heather Stamp-Nunes, NL

Matthew Janes, Q. Med., NL

Kirstin Lund, PEI

Jeremy Coffin, PEI

Lynne Poirier, Q.Med., Q. Arb., NS

Alain Paulin, C.Med., NB

Mireille Allain, C.Med., NB

Sammy Onyeama-Asonye, Q. Med.,

Shelley Alward-MacLeod, Q. Med.



COMPLETED - The Art of the Question and The Essence of Persuasion: “Brain Fishing”

Halifax, NS - Friday June 8, 2018 – Full Day Workshop

ADR Atlantic Institute offers these professional development workshops to ADR practitioners, Lawyers, Human Resources Professionals, Managers, Supervisors, and Union Representatives. 

Overview of the full day workshop

This session will focus on Questioning Skills as applied to workplace problem-solving processes, harassment and bullying issues, difficult problem-solving, high conflict and emotional situations, performance management meetings, and even power imbalance situations.

Great negotiators change and shift the other parties’ thinking on issues – not by pushing and convincing, but by engaging the best thinking and problem-solving skills from all parties. 

Learn to go “fishing” for the most creative part of everyone’s brains, learn how to best attract ideas and creative solutions by focusing on effective questioning and engaging skills.  This workshop will identify a “tackle box” full of skills and tools to elevate anyone’s ability to gain traction with another party on just about any issue.

In addition, bring you scenarios, your impasses, your difficult situations to the workshop – these will be tackled at the session to give you new approaches and ideas.

Spend a day learning the Art of the Question, and increase your ability to ask questions that engage, provokes change, and causes people to think differently.  

Register here:  https://adratlantic.wildapricot.org/event-2898715 

COMPLETED - Annual General Meeting of ADR Atlantic Institute


Breaking into ADR – What you Need to Survive and Thrive when Building Your ADR Practice

Halifax, NS - Saturday June 9, 2018 – Half Day Workshop, including AGM

Annual General Meeting

A full agenda will be sent out prior to the meeting.  At this year’s AGM we have several Board Members coming to the end of their term limits and will be seeking new members to fill these seats.  If you are interested in a position on our Board helping to grow and sustain our organization, please contact Andy Butt at andrewbutt@nl.rogers.com.   

Overview of the half day workshop

Getting training in Mediation, Arbitration, Investigations, Facilitated Group Resolution processes is the easy part – building a practice is another matter. 

Learn how to build a thriving ADR practice, the practical steps for what is needed to structure and implement a marketing plan, and ideas on promotional strategies to acquire clients.

You will learn:

·         how to identify your natural market;

·         how to identify specific target markets;

·         how to build robust and practical promotional strategies;

·         practical ideas for what has worked for practitioners in the field.


Full Day Workshop (member) = $287.50 (tax incl)

Full Day Workshop (non-member) = $379.50 (tax incl)

Half Day Workshop with AGM (member) = $98.90 (tax incl)

Half-day Workshop (non-member) = $138 (tax incl)



Friday June 8, 2018 (full day)

Saturday June 9, 2018 (half day with AGM)

Register at:

The workshop will be facilitated by Gary Furlong, B.A., LL.M (ADR), C.Med Gary Furlong has extensive experience in mediation, alternative dispute resolution, organizational facilitation, negotiation, and conflict resolution.  Gary is past president of the ADR Institute of Ontario, is a Chartered Mediator (C. Med.) and holds his Master of Laws (ADR) from Osgoode Hall Law School.  Gary is the author of “The Conflict Resolution Toolbox”, John Wiley and Sons, 2005, and was awarded the McGowan Award of Excellence in ADR in 2005 by the ADR Institute of Canada.

Gary has worked with the Queen’s University Industrial Relations Department conducting research into employment models of dispute resolution in Canadian companies, and teaches a number of labour and workplace related dispute resolution courses at the Queen’s University Industrial Relations Centre along with advanced mediation skills at York University.

Gary is a principal with Agree Dispute Resolution, and is a graduate of Stanford University in California.


     The ADRIC National Conference will be held in Montreal, Quebec, October 2018.  

We hope to see you there.




Wendy Scott, C. Med., BIS.,

President, ADRAI



New featured presentation style for ADRIC Conference

ADR Atlantic Member Tim Brodie, C.Med., Q. Arb. presented his theory on the Keys to the Universe as one of ten ADRIC Talks presentations at the National Conference held in Calgary. All of the ADRIC Talks presentations were well received and they will be available online soon at the ADRIC website.


This is the group of ADRIC Talks presenters at the ADRIC National Conference in Calgary. Our Tim is at far right (brown jacket). These presentations were short Ted Talks style and were received very well -- there are fantastic ADR projects all over Canada. 
The new ADRIC logo and branding was announced at the Conference and it is featured on the banner at the right.

You will find Tim's presentation on YouTube using the title The Keys to the Universe or visit the ADRIC website and search there ( www.adric.ca ).




Halifax workshop, May 2015, Summary by Cavell Boone

 “Transformative Mediation has been adopted in a wide array of contexts including organizational, court, community and governmental settings and has been used in family, neighbour, divorce, youth, multi-party disputes. It has also been adapted for conflict interventions that address team development and organizational disputes” (ADRAI training brochure, March 2015) 


The full article can be accessed by clicking here:

Transformative Mediation Training Summary by Cavell Boone.pdf




FEES for Processing Designations Applications

At the May 30 2013 regular meeting of the Board of Directors, the Board reviewed its work with applications for designations. The Board found that the workload is becoming large for the volunteers who do assessment (there have been 16 applications started since September 2012). The process now requires administrative support to manage the applications and the committees now have costs associated with their meetings. The Board has polled other affiliates and learned that Ontario requires a $500 fee to process applications for Chartered Designations and $200 for Qualified Designations. Saskatchewan and Manitoba charge a fee of $200 for all applications. The Board has approved the following fee structure to be implemented for new applications for designations received from July 1, 2013 onwards:

Application for Chartered Arbitrator or Mediator  $200 plus HST processing fee will apply

Application for Qualified Arbitrator or Mediator    $100 plus HST processing fee will apply


ADR unleashes the creativity in disputants!

Welcome to the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Atlantic Institute Website (an affiliate of the ADR Institute of Canada)

The ADR Atlantic Institute (ADRAI) provides the public with:

  • Information about Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
  • Access to competent ADR professionals

The ADR Atlantic Institute (ADRAI) provides Mediators, Arbitrators and other ADR practitioner members of the ADR Atlantic Institute with:

  • automatic membership in ADR Institute of Canada
  • a structure that includes accreditation/certification using the National C.Med./Q.Med. and C. Arb./Q.Arb. designations
  • a Code of Ethics
  • a network of professionals and a practice support framework
  • opportunities for upgrading their professional qualifications
  • access to professional practice liability insurance (E&O) at group rates
  • access to preferred rates for home and automobile insurance (NEW)
  • a listing in a National database of ADR practitioners
  • permission to use the ADR Institute of Canada logo on business cards and websites to indicate membership
  • invitations to apply on rosters that are managed by ADRIC or an affiliate
  • representation on policy and practice matters connected with ADR services

The ADR Institute of Canada (ADRIC) is a national organization that provides a strong and united voice for all matters relating to the practice of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in Canada.

ADR Atlantic Institute

Box 123,  Halifax, NS

B3J 2M4

E-mail:   admin@adratlantic.ca

(ADR Atlantic operates a VIRTUAL OFFICE and does not use a telephone line -- email is the primary communications tool)

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