• 24 Oct 2016
  • 8:30 AM
  • 25 Oct 2016
  • 4:00 PM
  • St. John's, NL

This workshop has been initiated by several Union Leaders in NL and it is being led by Roger Beaudry of the Otawa-based company called Aptus Conflict Solutions.

The workshop is not sponsored by ADRAI and registrants must register directly with Aptus by following the link provided at the end of the description. Information on the cost is included on  the Aptus website. 

This workshop is focused on non-investigative ways of addressing concerns about workplace bullying and harassment.

The University of Dalhousie’s foray into restorative justice to deal with sexual harassment allegations illustrates some of the pitfalls to using restorative approaches when harassment allegations surface.

Some harassment allegations absolutely need to be investigated. A failure to investigate when an investigation is indicated can be disastrously harmful to victims, the workplace, and an organization’s reputation. But, if the potential harassment is minor, if it is caught early enough, and if the parties are open to collaborative approaches, all, including the victim, can often be better served by accessing methods other than investigation. If indicated, an Alternative Harassment Resolution intervention can be an effective way to deal with the situation.

The trick is to know when to investigate, when to consider alternative measures, and how to use alternatives to investigation to efficiently and effectively change any harmful dynamic that exists, heal relationships and ensure respect in the workplace.

This two day course is focused on just that: knowing when to play and when not to play the investigation card, and, in the right situation, knowing how to implement appropriate non-investigative ways of addressing concerns about workplace bullying and harassment.

In the Alternative Harassment Resolution (AHR) workshop participants learn:

  • How to triage those cases that are appropriate for non-investigative options from those that are not
  • The inventory of non-investigative options that can be used to repair the situation, to make the workplace whole, and to ensure respectful interactions
  • How to use non-investigative options before things spiral into the need for an investigation
  • How to use non-investigative options in a way that preserves the safety and the rights of all
  • How to position non-investigative options in relation to any contemplated or already conducted investigation
  • How to use a facilitated discussion between a complainant and a respondent as an alternative to formal mediation
  • How to function as a third party conducting a facilitated discussion
  • The effective use of group interventions
  • The effective use of abrasion reduction coaching
  • Where training fits in
  • Where conflict coaching fits in
  • Other non-investigative options

To register go to the Aptus Conflict Solutions web page by clicking the link below:

Register for the Two Day Alternative to Harassment Investigations

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