Mediation Skills within Organizations: Best Practices for Managers, HR, Union and external Neutrals

  • 25 Jan 2018
  • 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM
  • University of Moncton Campus, 409 University Avenue Moncton, NB


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Mediation is used effectively in many contexts today, from litigation to divorce to estates.  One of the largest areas mediation is used is within organizations to address a wide range of issues including harassment, relationship problems, performance concerns, and even dysfunctional work teams.  Mediating in the workplace, however, has many unique features, and given the importance of work in our daily lives it also brings with it specific challenges and concerns. 

In addition, effectively implementing mediation in the workplace can be significantly different if the mediator is an internal resource such as an HR advisor or manager, compared with a fully external neutral. 

This workshop will highlight the guideposts and pitfalls to mediating within organizations, identifying best practices for successful use of mediation.  In addition, it will help participants learn to apply tools and skills that have been shown to be successful in the kind of relationship-based disputes that appear in our workplaces.

The Learning Objectives include:

  • Identifying the important issues that arise when mediating within an organization as a mediator, HR professional or manager;
  • Identifying ethical and conflict of interest concerns in organizational mediations;
  • Learning and applying two or three mediator frameworks for diagnosing types and sources of conflict in harassment and non-harassment situations;
  • Identifying important process and decision points in implementing mediation in sensitive situations within the workplace;
  • Learning and practicing critical mediation skills through exercise and practice sessions;
  • Applying all learnings through case study and group work.

Workshop Leader: Gary T. Furlong, B.A., LL.M., C. Med., Chartered Mediator

Gary Furlong has extensive experience in mediation, alternative dispute resolution, organizational facilitation, negotiation, and conflict resolution.  Gary is past president of the ADR Institute of Ontario, is a Chartered Mediator (C. Med.) and holds his Master of Laws (ADR) from Osgoode Hall Law School.  Gary is the author of “The Conflict Resolution Toolbox”, John Wiley and Sons, 2005, and was awarded the McGowan Award of Excellence in ADR in 2005 by the ADR Institute of Canada.

Gary has worked with the Queen’s University Industrial Relations Department conducting research into employment models of dispute resolution in Canadian companies, and teaches a number of labour and workplace related dispute resolution courses at the Queen’s University Industrial Relations Centre along with advanced mediation skills at York University.

Gary is a principal with Agree Dispute Resolution, and is a graduate of Stanford University in California.

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